Winstar cloud platform

Winstar cloud platform is an Internet of Things data platform built for the logistics industry based on the architecture of Tencent Internet of Things cloud platform. With the help of supporting hardware facilities, it can fundamentally solve the “opaque” situation of logistics transportation and realize relevant functions such as real-time cargo positioning, historical track playback, real-time alarm, statistical report, route planning and electronic fence, and further improve the professional management level of logistics companies.

Products & Services

Through the intelligent hardware device with multiple sensors and the cloud platform with big data processing capacity, we can provide customer companies with cargo information services in the process of transportation, so as to ensure the timely, safe and efficient transportation of goods to the destination.

Real-time cargo tracking solution based on waybill

Real-time monitoring of driving speed, automatic prediction of expected arrival time, early intervention of abnormal stay and deviation from the route, so as to improve the timely delivery rate of goods.

Cold chain temperature monitoring solution

The user can remotely check the real-time temperature of goods on the platform, and be promptly reminded of abnormalities, to realize the management of real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity of goods.

Intelligent monitoring solution to cross-border transportation

Through the Internet of Things technology, the goods perception and monitoring device is connected with the internet to solve the visualization of cross-border transportation process with a huge quantity of goods, long transportation distance, long transportation time and spanning multiple countries and regions.